About us.

A well-established team.


Founded in 2014, Contact&Sales has become known as an innovative and future-oriented service provider in the communications industry.​

We deliberately differentiate ourselves from other providers in the service sector as we take new paths and use cutting-edge technology.​

In intellectual terms in particular, we have entered new territory in recent years by taking on tasks that are not yet offered by any service provider in this form. Full outsourcing in technical and commercial matters has led to Contact&Sales being established as a  service provider in the 2nd level area.

The success and quality of Contact&Sales is generated by a team of many nationalities (mainly German and French employees).​

Flat hierarchies ensure short decision paths. Each team member has their own area of ​​responsibility. Communication is on an equal footing.​

And everyone has the same goal: to be and remain a quality market leader.​

Innovative, fresh, and dynamic.

Our work philosophy

Together with our customers, we develop fitting and process-oriented concepts, the implementation of which we test and optimise under laboratory conditions until they are ready for implementation.

Afterthis, the customers decide whether the project remains entirely with Contact&Sales or whether the acquired expertise is transferred to the customer.​

In all cases, a core resource of the project remains with Contact&Sales to support further developments and thereby provide impetus for day-to-day business for the customer.

Conceptual project development, input, and the experience of Contact&Sales

Concept implementation and test operation under laboratory conditions Contact&Sales

Full implementation with the customer and/or Contact&Sales

Our team.

Melanie Asci


Thierno Saidou Baldé

Center Manager

Alexander Freund


Liborius Hagenbrock

Team leader

Astrid Klett

Human Ressources

Johann Martens

Team leader

Silja Paulsen

Mgr. New Business

Pascal Philippi

Manager Operations

Waldemar Romanow

Center Manager

Gertrud Traoré


... and of course our more than 100 specialists!