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How lovely that you are interested in working at  Contact&Sales -

dear Applicant,

What our team does on a daily basis is fascinating and exciting. But it's not easy Whether assisting demanding customers in sales, solving technical problems at the helpdesk, or successfully helping customers with their order on LiveChat - competence is required in all cases.

Because of this, we have numerous trainers for our team who ensure you receive solid training and are constantly taking care of your further education.

Of course, the best way to get started is if you already have experience in our areas of activity. Please understand that we ask you many questions in the application form - but the more we know about you, the sooner we can offer you an attractive job on our team.

If you would like to receive initial information by phone, just give me a call at +49 781 966 790 11.

I look forward to meeting you!

Astrid Klett, HR Manager

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