Increase the conversion rate with prospective buyers.

Lower your customers' cancellation rate in the buying process.

Offer increased advice quality.

Increase the upsell rate with individual additional offers.

These are the main arguments in favour of a qualified chat service.​

In addition, you gain important insights into how your customers think and act. A sophisticated reporting and analysis package provides you with a wealth of information that you can use to optimise your offers, but above all to help you design your websites.​

Contact&Sales  uses individual project groups for the LiveChat, which are dedicated exclusively to chat communication with your customer. In this way, a distraction by call or email is completely avoided and the focus on the chat conversation is maximised.

Notable results from a study by Forrester Research:

First shot solution rate​

Service requests handled through LiveChat have an average of 45% higher first shot solution rate.

Customer satisfaction​

More than 80% of the users who were assisted with their service request via LiveChat rate the service quality positively.

We are happy to recommend technologies for chat communication to you.

Bemerkenswerte Ergebnisse einer  Studie von Forrester Research:

57% of all buyers do not buy online if they do not receive fast and competent assistance via chat

44% of all buyers consider LiveChat to be the most important feature of the website

More than 80% of the users who were assisted with their service request via LiveChat rate the service quality positively

Consumers who were gained and assisted during the purchase process by LiveChat have a 3-fold higher chance of repurchasing

Active distribution through LiveChat

If the consumer is already in the chat, there are thus far completely unexpected options available. The customer is rarely as active, focused, and determined about a product or service offer as when on your website using the chat In this moment, they are devoting all their attention to the offer - and are not only open to expert advice, but can also be sold other additional products and services

via the chat (upselling),

be introduced to further offers and supplements (cross selling),

and brand loyalty can be achieved.

The multi-levels of chat communication

The customer chats with an agent.

Unless this dialogue does not result in case-closing

assistance, the following options are available for

continued dialogue in the 2nd level:

Chat2Chat: The agent forwards the customer to a 2nd level agent. All previous dialogue details from the 1st level are transferred electronically when the customer is forwarded.

Chat2Phone: The customer gives the 1st level agent a phone number under which they can be reached for a 2nd level callback.

Chat2Mail: The customer gives the 1st level agent an email address to which a 2nd level agent can send the desired response.

Development of chat projects

If you, as our customer, would like to take advantage of the manifold advantages and opportunities for your company,  Contact&Sales  will develop a concept with a team that works exclusively for you in laboratory conditions.​

Chat communication with your customers is comprehensively compiled and documented so that you can - if you would like - continue the volume of chat in-house and with your own team. In this case, we take over a small portion of the chat volume to continually generate optimisations for you, which are then transferred to your in-house team.

Phase 2

Takeover in

your own team

Phase 1

Concept development  Contact&Sales

Contact&Sales  continues working with a small team