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The world is changing today.

Growing challenges in multi-channel communication, increasing demand for case-to-case handling of complex technical customer inquiries, and the demand for serious, successful distribution in a competitive economy are the areas on which  Contact&Sales  is focused.


As an outsourcing partner for selected application areas, Contact&Sales  is not an "all-around service provider", but a specialist whose skills and human resources are precisely tailored to sectors that represent real solutions to problems.

Supported by state-of-the-art technologies and ongoing project-related training, our team is the answer to everything that is important for your success in customer communication.

We are happy to develop concepts with you that will be perfected at the laboratory level until they can be implemented in your company.   Contact&Sales  remains your partner in the long term as well with a portion of the revenue to ensure benchmarks and further development of the concepts.



Highly successful sales with low cancellation rates. Your B2B professionals in

outsourced distribution.

Qualified 2nd level support.

Your technology professionals

at the outsourced help desk.

Increase sales and customer convenience through qualified online advice.

With your LiveChat professionals.

We offer our services in the following languages:

Unsere Dienstleistungen werden in folgenden Sprachen erbracht:

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You can read interesting information about our

technology partner optimise-it here.



We want to be successful for you. Trust is the foundation of every relationship and the result is strong partnerships. A long-term customer relationship is our ultimate goal and not growth at any price. That's why we give our best every day. 


We are the interface to your customers! Our aim is to revise and interpret communication every day in order to achieve optimal and sustainable customer loyalty in the interests of our customers. We want to evolve with our customers. That's why we're constantly working on optimising our methods for even stronger customer relationship management. This gives us the opportunity to respond in great detail to the needs and requirements of our customers. 



"Quality is not everything -

but without quality, everything is nothing."

Our team takes quality very seriously, as it affects our right to exist.

And quality has many facets for us. It is our daily challenge and joy at the same time.


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