Technical competence.
Case-closing processing.
Optimum customer satisfaction.

Helpdesk Services / Customer Care

The world of technology is becoming more complex.

Whether it's smartphones, cell phones, Internet services, or other technology areas: the more demanding the product, the higher the consumer's need for qualified help.


For the ever increasing volume of support requests,  Contact&Sales  has found an answer that won over renowned customers: 2nd level specialists.


In-depth knowledge is required to find a conclusive and helpful answer for the customer. Our helpdesk staff have this expertise and are able to quickly familiarise themselves with large issues. The support staff are supported by customer-specific knowledge databases, which are set up together with our customers.


Technical Helpdesk

means customer loyalty for us

We specialise in these industries:
Mobile Provider
Internet portals
Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider

Kunden, ganz gleich ob im B2B- oder B2C-Bereich, haben häufig Anwendungsprobleme, die es schnell zu beheben gilt. Die ideale Lösung ist ein Helpdesk, das in definierten Zeiträumen sehr gut erreichbar ist.


Contact&Sales bietet den sowohl den 1st-Level-, wie auch den 2nd-Level-Support an. Ziel ist es, das Anliegen des Kunden so schnell, kompetent und freundlich wie möglich zu lösen und damit seine Zufriedenheit wieder auf ein hohes Niveau zu bringen.


Folgende Lösungen sind mit uns umsetzbar:


Inhouse oder bei

einem Dienstleister

Ihrer Wahl

Whether in the B2B or B2C sector, customers often have application problems that need to be resolved quickly. The ideal solution is a helpdesk that is easily accessible within defined time periods.


Contact&Sales offers both 1st level and 2nd level support. The aim is to solve the customer's request as quickly, competently, and amicably as possible, thus restoring their satisfaction to a high level.


We can implement the following solutions:


Our goal is to process in-depth customer inquiries

until they are resolved in every case.

We provide the 1st/2nd level support for you in all technical areas.

Comprehensive customer responsibility

 Contact&Sales  does not take on "subtasks" of customer service, but sees itself as your


"external customer care department"


by covering all the tasks dealing with your customer - we are thus an integral part of your organisation.


 In 1st and 2nd level, we assume full responsibility for the comprehensive support of your customer (groups), which includes the following tasks:

Sales support:

Presentation of your new products and advice on customer integration, cross-selling and upselling processes within existing products to the customer

Technical consultation:

for all products that the customer uses

Commercial support:

with all contractual matters including conditions

Customer loyalty:

Churn avoidance / retention, if necessary reaquisition of customers

In this way,  Contact&Sales  assists the customer groups defined by you, eg as part of an A/B/C customer strategy. Thus, in this service we are not talking about "campaigns" but a permanent project. And of course we measure ourselves by this responsibility, eg in the topics

(Final) customer satisfaction

Achievement of customer-specific sales targets

Connection of call and other channels

The helpdesk feature at  Contact&Sales  is not limited to the call. We of course include all channels in the support with which your customers can express concerns: