We love quality.


Basics of quality

Personal qualification of employees

Selection process in the application situation

Checklist-based identification of the required skills

Basic training

Communication rules

Negotiation techniques

Dealing with stress factors

Awareness of quality

Technology training

In-depth knowledge of internal applications

Handling the different communication channels

Managing quality

Together with our customer, we define the project-specific quality goals.

Daily check/analysis of the achievement of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Preparing an individual scorecard per employee

Daily team and employee-related reporting

Comprehensive reporting to the customer

Project and employee related training/coaching by experts

Use of the in-house specialist trainer

If necessary, training and further education together with the customer

Since  Contact&Sales  was founded as a service company, our focus has been to deliver the best possible services that make us unique to you. We prefer to let others do the tasks that we cannot with our self-imposed quality goals.


The in-house quality management department is one of the pillars of our self-image. And quality management is not a situational challenge for us, but an important part of our daily work.


See here which quality facets we are dealing with: