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Sales Services

Successful sellers are like strikers: they have the urge to score.

Martin Limbeck

Customers are the backbone of your business. Not only do customers ensure sales, they also recommend your company, are ambassadors for your brand, and also provide input for the further development of your product range.


For these and many other reasons, your customers are very important when it comes to sales: they need to be well-assisted and persuaded to be sure that they are buying the right product from the right partner.

The approach requires sensitivity from the seller, a sense of what is feasible without being too overbearing, and selling them exactly what they need and want.


And we want your customers to keep buying. This is customer loyalty.

It is the philosophy of the sales specialists at  Contact&Sales.

Use  Contact&Sales  as

»your external sales resource«

A/B/C customer sales

In your clientele, define the customers who for economic reasons are no longer visited by your sales force, but are nevertheless important in the long term. We continuously support these customers through all relevant channels, ensure a regular order flow, and thus ensure lasting customer satisfaction.

We operate this complex and responsible outsourcing with closed employee groups, ie a complete team of sales representatives is exclusively active for one customer. In this way, continuous development of expertise at a high level is ensured.

Gain new customers

We contact existing leads, eg from Internet inquiries or mailout returns, and convert them into new buyers.


If opt-in is available, we also get in contact with other customers and interested parties in order to advise them and turn them into buying customers.



Gaining customers back

If you have lost customers, we fight with you to get then back (within the legally permissible terms). Together with you, we develop tools that make reactivating customers possible.